Hi! My name is Mika Marjalaakso, and I am the heart and soul of Oak Ventures. Oak is my private business acceleration and investment company. Since 2003 I have been an occasional angel investor and worked with growth entrepreneurs.

I have co-founded three high technology startups, and invested in eight startups as a business angel and hands-on sweat equity investor.

I have personally raised and helped fellow entrepreneurs raise over 50m€ from prominent angel investors and institutional investors in Finland, USA and Russia for early-stage startups, and advised countless startups. Startups and fearless entrepreneurs building them are my life and my passion. I am always on the lookout for the next big thing.

You can check my more detailed professional CV at LinkedIn. In case you are interested on my thoughts on building startups and the mistakes entrepreneurs make, please visit my blog at ToughLoveAngel.com. To hear the latest, and get notified about the fresh posts, you can follow me on Twitter @mmarjala.

If you have an embryonic pre-seed or seed-stage product startup, or just a mere idea of something great and awesome, please feel free to touch basis with me to see if there would be ways for us to work together.



Mika Marjalaakso
Serial Entrepreneur

Oak Ventures in Brief

Oak Ventures is a business acceleration company that helps driven and passionate entrepreneurs in transforming disruptive ideas into sustainable, successful growth companies.

mika (at) oakventures (dot) fi
Mobile: +358 40 7250 476

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