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Every now and then I rent my brain, sometimes combined with hands-on execution, for larger, richer and more established companies to pay my bills.

New innovative product concepts, go-to-market strategies, lean startup thinking and methodologies, spin-offs, divestments, and setting up new businesses is my turf. I am also pretty good problem solver in complex situations.

The four guiding principles in consulting that I follow:

  1. I never sell anything that a customer wants, if I think the customer needs something else.
  2. At the very instant I feel the work customer has ordered and is willing to pay for doesn’t anymore make sense (due to learning by doing), I stop my work.
  3. I never work with idiots twice.
  4. I am not a politician. If you are not prepared for the whole truth, don’t hire me.

I guarantee not to waste your time. If you feel I have wasted your time, I will buy you a lunch for two at Chez Dominique – the most distinguished and only two-Michelin-star-restaurant in Helsinki, Finland.

If you still dare to hire me after reading this, send me an email at mika (at) oakventures (dot) fi, or give a call to my mobile +358 40 7250 476, and let’s talk about how I could help you out.