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I am an occasional angel investor (mainly non-scalable sweat equity unfortunately), and here is a full list of my current active investments:

  • Viola Systems – cellular-based communications solution for electric utilities; early pioneer in M2M and smart grid
  • Walkbase – novel indoor positioning and context engine based on crowdsourcing and smart algorithms
  • Plango – a social mobile calendaring for consumers, with deep integrations to the Facebook platform
  • Codento – Amazon/Eucalyptus cloud specialist in Finland
  • Tema Networks – smart location-based billing platform for mobile operators
  • AlphaSense – search engine for analysts

I have built an extensive angel network in Finland, and growing angel and corporate connections in US and Russia, and I am more than happy to open a few doors for promising startup founders. If there is something I don’t like – be that your product, team composition, ownership structure, investor pitch, non-scalable business model etc. – I am also not afraid to share that frankly while doing my very best to offer constructive feedback.

I don’t do funding rounds for startups where I am not an investor myself. I, however, can offer you free advice on this topic if I see great potential in you and your idea.

email: mika (at) oakventures (dot) fi