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Our acceleration services are targeted at technology-based ventures and entrepreneurial teams that are at the early phase. That is, you are in a stage where you have a(n idea of a) novel technological solution with considerable growth potential. Early prototype and perhaps even potential customers exist, but the true gold box is still under search.

We work alongside entrepreneurs in critical business-building tasks including:

  • Helping founders divide the founder’s pie, and solving issues with non-functional co-founders
  • Setting up viable corporate and organizational structures to optimize for tax and funding
  • Building up superior teams with commitment and passion
  • Defining the most efficient minimum viable product (out of many) and related set of features
  • Refining the business plan and investor pitch until they become investment-grade
  • Crafting down-to-earth product launch and go-to-market strategies
  • Targeting, contacting and negotiating lead customers and partners
  • Attracting funding from the right investors at the right time at reasonable terms

To summarize, we contribute hands-on experienced entrepreneurial leadership to help you achieve early traction, avoid common pitfalls and develop credibility in order to attract funding and position your venture for success.

Our typical initial commitment is two years, and common roles include

  • Chairman / Member of the Board
  • Interim CEO, COO, CMO, CSO
We have the most experience in working with businesses from the fields of consumer internet, enterprise software, mobile apps, data security, wireless telecommunications, and all things in the cloud.

email: mika (at) oakventures (dot) fi